Dover Technologies

Dover Technologies
Presenting a Revolutionary Hot Beverage Cup
A Beverage Infusion System with a Removable Infusion Bed
Dover Technologies
Dover Technologies
Cup contains a removable insert with an informative tip and a base with imbedded drink solution.
Dover Technologies
The removable insert moves freely in the cup for optimal drink preparation.
Advantages over
a standard paper cup
Dover Technologies
Simplified process of drink preparation
All that’s needed is hot H2O
Dover Technologies
Ideal for faster infusion process
while stirring as more intensive filtration occurs
Dover Technologies
Better and faster brewing with more space for tea leaves
Positioning tea leaves at the bottom of the cup, allows for faster brewing
Dover Technologies
No contact with the base of insert and your fingers
or hot water, therefore this method provides a more hygienic and safe preparation of the drink.
Dover Technologies
Wide variety of teas and instant drinks available
such as multi-component teas, or hot chocolate with marshmallow, etc. 
Dover Technologies
Better perception of the drink
The tip of the insert displays a name of the drink and may contain other useful information on how to properly prepare the drink.
* Braille can be used for visually impaired.
Additional Benefits

Manufactured out of various water proof materials

This design would benefit fast food industry, food catering companies, office operations, schools, airlines and events with large crowd gathering.

  • Significant time management for fast food employees
  • Minimization of storage and workspace space
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to use and dispose
  • The effect of novelty

Linear design of inserts allows for cup stacking for convenient storage

Dover Technologies